Top 5 excuses try out Oil Pastels

OilPastelsLooking for an excuse to try a new media, how about 5 excuses then:

1) No cleaning up of brushes, no spilling of water, etc (if you are not intending to achieve the fine details effect)

2) Oil pastels come in sticks and are stored in a box which is easy to transport around; especially great for vacations.

3) You can cover a large area with colour in a very short space of time.

4) Relatively cost effective media as there is no need to buy additional materials like brushes, fixes or thinning nor cleaning solvent for a good start.

5) Fearless Fun! No need for attention to fine detail as the medium is good for abstract art or think like an impressionist!

If you have been thinking or trying out new colouring media take a moment to check out Oil Pastels. I hope these excuses are enough to get you off your seat, out to the art shop or stationery store to get your first box of oil pastels. I stumble upon oil pastels as I wanted a media that is easy to “control” and manage yet have to be heavy-weight to allow me to cover a vast area in a very short time. I love fabric and painting on canvas (like those impressionist artist) is something I am always experimenting on. Any textured surface is good but I just love canvas.

I have dabbled in various medium like dry / hard pastels, water colours, acrylic paints, fabric crayons before, and then my stash of brushes and sponges just kept adding up thus taking up space which is a luxury I do not have.  Oil pastels are not crayons so It is not recommended for kids below 5 years old yet there is a kid living in us when we grow up so I urge you to give it a go!

Life should be fill with fun activities if you have time, spend some time to yourself do something you like. If you like abstract art, the impressionist try oil pastel if you are thinking of painting. You never know what you can produce and you may just love your own art through the process.


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