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Paint it like a Pro!

A picture is worth 1000 words…..

Since I love sewing and painting I started the idea of making small art quilts to fill my walls. They are easy to maintain (can be washed) and keep too.

I think the combination of colours and fabrics can really bring attention to the center piece. Each piece is just fun to make and I hope you get around to do something you like too.

“Starry Night in the Church” – Fabric paint : painting and sponge stamping.


“Some Days you are a Tree, some Days you are a Dog” – Fabric paints stamping with sponge (the tree)


“Spring time in a Farm” – Acrylic paints on fabric


“Misty Mountains” – Fabric paints (spray-on) to create the mist, free-motion quilting on sewing machine for the clouds.