Sewing Machine – My next craft investment

I have finally come to the conclusion to get a sewing machine, this is the easy part.

Thoughts that has been going through my mind for the past few days…and nights…should I buy a brand new one or a second-hand. I have been browsing the classifieds advertisement and just spotted one that is the brand that I am looking for and within my budget;  additional amount for servicing if it is far less than my expectation in terms of the condition, worst to happen is a total write off when the servicing and parts replacement exceeds more than half the purchase price but that is the risk to take. (I bought my small oven for $50 second-hand, it serves my basic baking needs fine)

When I see something I want to craft using fabric, my first thought would be what if I had a sewing machine…the machine would do a faster job as compared to my hand stitching. When I see beautiful fabrics, my mind is filled with visions of crafts ideas. I am so greedy – so little time yet so many things I hope to create.

I hope to settle the purchase of the sewing machine before this weekend as I plan to sew a small bag for myself. This is exciting.

Door Hanger (Felt Fabric)

I am pleased with the completed creation and overall layout experimenting with Scrapbook style. The challenge was stitching the two pieces of thick felt fabric together which I decided to use

Door Hanger - Back view
Door Hanger - Back view

Blanket Stitch. I hope the person receiving the gift will enjoy looking at it as much as my joy in creating it.

Door Hanger - Front view
Door Hanger - Front viewDoor Hanger - Back view

Door Hanger with Felt Fabrics

My next project – Door Hanger. I bought two pieces of door hanger by Kaiser from Spotlight weeks ago, they are ‘smiling’ at me to ‘dress’ them up, every so often I got a design ‘flashed’ in my mind. There are so many inspiration photos of door hangers on Flickr site, some are so beautifully crafted and the felt fabric ones are still my favorite.

If doors could speak, I bet you there are so many stories to tell of what goes behind each door from their memories.

Tea Cosy – Wet Felt

Tea Cosy Wet Felt View One of Two
Tea Cosy Wet Felt View One of Two
Tea Cosy Wet Felt View Two of Two
Tea Cosy Wet Felt View Two of Two

This tea cosy is wet-felt, I had orginially wanted to make it using resist method but my wool was not enough so i had to make two pieces. The backing is thick felt fabric. l I also used combination method of needle felt on the clover, door-knob, the impression on the door and windows are needle-felt. The butterfly motift is from Diaso Singapore. Lace (on the chimmey), ‘mun’ and ‘dad’ buttons from Spotlight. Flower buttons from my mon’s collection of buttons. 

A journey of crafting, experiences, knowledge and joy