I sew my first Hat, this and that

My first sewn Hat made of felt fabric, batting (for inner lining) and lace. The basic pattern is from a Japanese book about Hat Making byYumiko Itoyama, the challenge was interpreting the photographs  and patterns templates when I cannot read Japanese.

My First Hat One ViewMy First Hat

During the process of sewing my first hat, I did some ‘research’ over the internet about Hats and was so pleasantly to find so many great resources out there, I am so excited to share the discovery so please read on if you are interested to know more.

Terms I did not even know existed….

(Text extract from Wikipedia) A hatter is a maker or seller of hats. Milliners are a category of hatters who design women’s hats. Millinery refers to hats and other clothing sold by a milliner to women, men and children or the profession or business of designing, making, or selling hats, dresses, and hat trim to clients. A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery. The word originally referred to a fine, lacy head covering akin to a shawl made from wool or lace.

Blog about Hat and Hat Making

“The ranting of a mad hatter wannabe”

Text extract “My name is Cristina and I live in Barcelona. I thought it would be a good idea to share my hatmaking frustrations by posting my projects and their progress.”


The Hat Museum

(Text extract from website) One of Oregon’s most unusual historic homes has been transformed into Portland’s quirkiest attraction. The Ladd-Reingold House has a 100-year legacy of milliners and hat fanciers!


HATalk (Commercial Magazine) : the e-magazine for those who make hats.This UK website has all information about books and dvds, HATalk magazine, hat blocks to finding a hat maker.

Commercial Website

Panama Hat. B. Brent Black The Panama Hat Company : This is one commercial website not only selling Panama Hats but has the most generous information about the making process too.

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