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Last Minute Handmade Gift – Tea Cosy

This is a last minute handmade gift sewn for my best friend Mrs.B

This is also my first personal handmade gift I am giving her after more than 20 years of friendship!

I gave myself probably 3 days to complete but I finished the project within a day – today, which surprised me. So if you ever need to rush to make a last minute gift; sewing a Tea Cosy is one alternative if you have the mood, a few ‘concentrated’ hours and materials ready.

Tea Cosy for My Best Friend Mrs B

Gift Idea Concept : Since Mrs B is visiting Singapore from United Kingdom I thought a Tea Cosy would be ideal.

Material used : Cotton fabric, Wool batting fabric, Cotton bias tape /Piping.

Design emphasis : Orchid pattern fabric (to remind her of Singapore, she is Singaporean), “Mrs.B” hand stitched onto the tea cosy handle.

Gift with special meaning for a best friend.

I hope she would love this tea cosy because it means so much to me although it is simple to make. Hand stitching her name on the tea cosy handle was such a wonderful feeling; recalling and rewinding our friendship back so many years is like watching a MTV clip (and the music playing in my mind is “Forever Young”), how we first met, how I missed her when she married and move to UK, how we gotten about in our lives but always stayed in touch. I cannot help but feel older just watching her son grow up  in front of my eyes whenever they come visit Singapore. We lived so many miles apart and we hardly meet, still the friendship warms my heart just to know it  is so nice to have best friends to grow old with. I am also glad I took the effort to make a personalised gift that means something to me.