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My Sewing Sewing Project of Yesteryears’ (30 years) – Dolls Collection

Zorgball's Mini Dolls Collection
Zorgball's Mini Dolls Collection

[4 July 2010] Today I found more dolls stashed away in a box of “odds and ends” I have kept for so many years my dolls must be thinking I was never ever going to retreive them again…well its like opening another time capsule for me after more than 25 years the time I created them.

Samuria Doll

Little did I realise then my crazy obession with creating things and complete fascination with Japanese craft books would bring me back from the future (today) to revisit a memory lane that was peppered with joy as well as frustration.

Japanese Girl Doll

Joy – at 14 years old my interest heightened in Japanese craft books especially those by Ondori (Publisher’s name)

Frustration – I don’t understand Japanese nor does anyone in school or my sisters share my passion for Japanese craft books, limited funds and access to craft materials or craft shops.

Geisha Girl Doll

I just made the dolls ‘displayed’ them at home for a while and kept them away.  Today as I bring them out of the box would you believe old memories have a smell too!  I am ‘airing’ them now to rid of that musty smell….phew!

Western-looking Dolls

It is sad as I could not recall where I have kept my old craft books, I think all these dolls are made from a few Ondori craft books but there is not much information on the internet.  I have ‘pot holes’ like a road in my memory as I just could not recall what I’ve made and where I have kept the books.  I think all the titles I have collected back then never had reprints or have  not been uploaded on the internet.  It has been so many years I am feeling like vintage too.

So hoping one day I can find my craft books and take photos to share with anyone interested to visit a crafter’s vintage collection of great books by Japenese dolls masters ahead of their time.

[20 May 2009] These are some of my dolls that were sewn by me when I was about 14 years old. I have so much energy and time in the past I could sew all day, stop only for meals and utter a mouthful of words for the day. My eyesight was so good then I need not use a needle threader…as compared to now I, could not live without a needle threader!

I found my dolls recently and was overjoyed that I even even took photographs of each one and created a scrapbook album.

If dolls could talk they told me they are happy to see their ‘mommy’ again. How time fly by, it is so nice to be ‘reunited’ with such old keepstakes again!

Mini Dolls Scrapbook Album