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Sewing Machine Cover or Cosy

Finally a cover for my beloved sewing machine.

I have been looking at all the beautiful and wonderful sewing machine covers out there; from images on the internet to even quilt shops that I had visited. The images struck on mind for ages, I guess I am going crazy but my sewing machine does talk to me too.¬† She¬† would asked me “when am I going to sew something in return of all the hard work and beautiful projects she had completed for me?” So today I’ve made this gift to reward my beloved tool that has been the centre of my happiness in terms of sewing joy and creations.

Simple Assembly and Sewing Concept – 1 panel or flap, sew 2 joints and sew 2 corners from the joints

From what I have observed and partly had set me back was the “complications” in sewing a cover, just too many prices of fabric panels to assemble and joining of seams. As I am rather hard pressed for time I was thinking long and hard how to make it easy to assemble and sew. I did this cover in one sitting or an evening, about 4 hours plus sewing time.

My cover actually consist of only one piece / panel, fold the panel to half then sew the side of each seam. To achieve the “box” top just fold the corners (of the joined seam), draw a straight line across the corner and sew on the line. Trim off the corner after that, turn the cover wrong side and out and “walla” !

Centre Fabric as Main Attraction / Focus

My main attraction of the cover is a piece of furnishing fabric sample I saved since years ago, I only have one piece of one design as it was bought from a furnishing shop that I happened to chanced upon while doing some other errands for the day. As I had bought some items from the store I took the chance to ask the lady who was dismantling a fabric sample book whether she could sell me two pieces. I bought it at $1 dollar! The fabric is so beautiful but there are some minor defects in terms of “runaway” threads on the surface which makes it unsuitable to make as a item for sale or swap.

Hope you like this fun idea of adding some “design” to your sewing craft room and dressing up your sewing machine. The manufacturer’s cover is always so plain and just boring, having some variety is the spice of life!

Singer Sewing Machine 2530C

My sewing machine…second-hand, alreadly three years old, bought at final offer price of¬†SDG $160.

Singer Sewing Machine 2530C, second-hand 3 years old
Singer Sewing Machine 2530C, second-hand 3 years old

The search is finally over, my original budget was $200 for a second-hand machine, $280 for a new machine. My reserve¬†budget for servicing a second-hand machine is about $80, hopefully parts replacement if any is at the minimal else¬†I have to throw out the machine¬†as it may not be¬†worth the investment – calculated risks¬†worth taking. Although this was not my first second-hand machine of choice but hopefully things turn out better for us – the machine and new owner (that’s me).

I am so excited I must sew something this weekend; that is hopefully if the machine do not fail me the first time.

Sewing Machine – My next craft investment

I have finally come to the conclusion to get a sewing machine, this is the easy part.

Thoughts that has been going through my mind for the past few days…and nights…should I buy a brand new one or a second-hand. I have been browsing the classifieds advertisement and just spotted one that¬†is the brand that I am looking for and within my budget;¬† additional amount for servicing if it is far less than¬†my expectation in terms of the condition, worst to happen is a total¬†write off when the servicing and parts replacement exceeds more than half the purchase price but that is the risk to take. (I bought my small oven for $50 second-hand, it serves my basic baking needs fine)

When I see something I want to craft using fabric, my first thought would be what if I had a sewing machine…the machine¬†would do a¬†faster job as compared to my hand stitching. When I see beautiful fabrics, my mind¬†is filled with visions of crafts ideas. I am so greedy –¬†so little time yet so many things I hope to create.

I hope to settle the purchase of the sewing machine before this weekend as I plan to sew a small bag for myself. This is exciting.