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Scrapbook Projects, Island Trip and Birthday Theme

This was my second try at scrapbook but my first in creating a completed album. I had used mixed media of felt fabric, iron-on, ribbons, pattern paper, sticker and puffy pen / ink.


Two highlights of the Island trip were the nature trail and wetland marine reserve.

The nature trail was so memorable I dedicated a page of the album with the map. We took about an hour on foot to cover this particular trail, the journey was filled with many things to see (like butterfiles, plants, trees) unforunately I did not see any ladybugs but since I love them so much I included ladybugs in my design since it fit the ‘nature theme’.

The wetland marine reserve is very popular as many forms of wetland marine life can be seen during low tide. We did not manage to see the marine reserve as it was high tide by the time we reached the spot. Neverthanless the area was beautiful especially the walk-way bridges and scenery of the sky.

The trip was an physicall experience as the weather was so sunny, hot and humid.

Two items were created – an ablum and a loose sheet in relation our island trip in conjunction with celebration of my partner’s birthday. The ablum was for our keepstake and the loose sheet was for his parents which we mailed overseas to them.

Triva on the Island mentioned – Pulau Ubin, Singapore

[Text excerpt from Wikipedia] “Pulau Ubin is a small island (10.19 kmĀ²) situated in the north east of Singapore. Granite quarrying supported a few thousand settlers on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, but only about a hundred villagers live there today. It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore. It is one of the last areas in Singapore that has been preserved from urban development, concrete buildings and tarmacd roads.

Pulau Ubin’s wooden house villages and wooden jetties, relaxed inhabitants, rich and preserved wildlife, abandoned quarries and plantations, and untouched nature in general make it the last witness of the old “kampong” Singapore that existed before modern industrial times and large scale urban development.”

Websites (owned by National University of Singapore) dedicated to the wetland marine reserve known as Chek Jawa: “Chek Jawa” photo website; “Chek Jawa” website.

Snapshots of ‘nature’ taken during our trip of the Island.

Scrapbook Project, Memory Box, Family Time

This scrapbook project focus on ‘Family Time’ theme using ‘Ladybugs’ as a metaphor to my partner’s family.

It is created as a gift for his parents.

Family TimeThe family of Lady bugs includes mother, father, daughters and son. They are facing the “W” initial which is the first letter of my partner’s family name. Surrounding the “W” is a circle of various plants or herbs.

The box is very small, intended as a table-top display item.

Material used : Memory box photo album from Kaiser, ladybugs and bubble sticker all available from Spotlight Singapore, the “W” letter is from Diaso, 3-D herb stickers from Midori-Japan Brand from Kinokuniya Bookstore, all items from Singapore.