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Scrapbook Project, Mixed Media (Fabric and Paper) – My Family Album

I always liked photo albums, more so those with cover using fabric material. Although there are ready made ones available for scrapbook, it is always more special if some form of uniqueness could be added to it.

Some snapshot pages from My Family Album
Some snapshot pages from My Family Album

I first thought about using a lot of fabric materials to dress up the album, my initial idea was to use recycled-fabric from either old clothes or tablecloth. It was a pleasant surprise when I found my mom’s very old skirt and eldest sister’s wrap around skirt, both fabric patterns I liked very much. In the end I chose my mom’s old skirt and took one of her handkerchiefs for the project. I added lace trimming for the front and back cover.

I think working with fabric and paper is very challenging as fabric material is so soft and it tends to fray at the edges. For this project, I had used a lot of double-sided tape and glue to hold the fabric and other soft trimmings in place.  The feel of fabric is ever so nice to touched including all the memories that will stay forever so the time invested (I took 2 months to complete about 30 pages) was worth the effort.

I had ‘peppered’ some prose that came to my mind which were handwritten by myself for that personal touch.

Maybe the idea a Family Album scrapbook project will come to you one day or perhaps you have already completed one and planning the next; I am glad to have this chance to share my crafting idea and even more happy you have completed reading this blog entry.