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My Second Hat – Felt Fabric and Wool Fabric recycled from Old Scarf

My second Hat completed, this hat is meant for cold climate.

Second Hat Completed

The fabric used is felt for the base, top is ‘wool’ fabric from my old scarf, inner lining with cotton batting material. I decided to recycle my old scarf as it was not warm enough for cold climate, tested when I was in New Zealand for holiday last November. I bought the scarf from a shop I passed by at one local neighbourhood, the shop was selling clothes and merchandise from ‘overseas’, the lady (from China I assumed) had told me it is wool and I took her word for it as there is no label but was not surprised that it turned out likewise as it only cost SDG $16 for a scarf. Actually in Singapore’s climate which is always sunny, hot and humid, I cannot tell the difference between ‘fake’ wool from the real by looks but price is one indication.

The basic pattern is from a Japanese Book about Hat making ISBN 978-4-579-11201-2, The author is Yumiko Itoyama. The author of the book has a website if you are interested.