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Fabric Pencil Case – Blog Page Header Design using Heat Transfer Iron-on

I sew this gift for my best friend Rahima as a set of stationery (I sew a Farbic Book Jacket Cover to compliment the pencil case). This set of stationery theme is about her blog which is also her passion for cooking.

Pencil CaseDesign Emphasis : Personalized gift with her blog page header. The concept and design is my own idea.

Design method using Heat Transfer iron on : Please read my earlier entry on Farbic Book Jacket Cover if interested.

Material used : Cotton fabric, iron-on interface (those used for collar) onto fabric to give it ‘form’, zipper, iron-on Heat transfer, ribbon for decoration.

Caution when ironing near the Iron-on transfer: Caution and due care  to be excerised especially during final stage of completed project. The transfer will ‘melt’ if the iron touches the edge. The fabric will ‘crease’ during the process when the pencil case if overturn to the ‘right side’ as all machine sewing is done on the ‘reserve side’, therefore a final touch of ironing is required to ‘smoothen’ it.

I have also included a photo of my work-in-progress shot. One of the pieces was damaged by my ‘over ironing’ so my final design of the pencil case changed a bit. Work in progress Pencil Case

Hope this idea is useful to you if you ever thought about making a personalized gift for yourself or someone.