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Vintage Sewing Pattern Template Kit circa 1980

Name of product : Ultra Fit Patterner Bodice. The year printed on the box is 1980. The instruction booklet inside cover featured a photo of Ann Ladbury; maybe she is the author but the manufacturer company is ‘Ultra Fit’.

Vintage Dress Making Pattern "Ultra Fit Patterner"
Vintage Dress Making Pattern "Ultra Fit Patterner"

This product must be ahead of its time in the year 1980. It is a walk down memory lane after 29 years of storage, I think the entire contents of the box is still intact. I have not looked carefully yet because¬† moldy smell of the box is too much to bear and I had to it ‘air’ under the hot afternoon sun last weekend.

Content detail : The templates are made of plastic with adjustable ‘knobs’, there are additional accessory pieces like sleeves, button flap, collar. It comes with a instruction booklet on how to use the product.

Origin of Product Purchased : I was about 13 year old when I bought this in secondary school , my only recollection was my home economics teacher telling the class she did not make any profit except helping pass the word on behalf for the supplier to promote the product as ‘we may find it useful one day’. So after maybe after 29 years, her ‘prophecy’ may just come true soon. I could not recall how much it cost then.

Memory Lane 1980 : We were taught how to use paper patterns for school coursework so this product was way too complicate for me, since it was not part of school coursework I stored it away.

My early days sewing experience was far from pleasant, I was constantly struggling to learn how to use my school’s paddle-type sewing machine that was never in ‘good condition’ after being use by so many students. My mom’s sewing machine was not great either so there was no headway in sewing since I was very much to myself in my own ‘dreamy’ world and did not interact much with classmates or teachers.

Recommendations:  If you have come across this product or even used it before please let me have your review. I am so curious to find out more.

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