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My Millinery Fantasy

“Fantasy” : imagination, fancy….

“Hats are so great for ladies it makes a lady pretty and dainty no matter at what age or which century !”

My fantasy is all things millinery, a great escape for my mind and such wonderful effect to my soul just thinking and crafting anything related to it. My happy childhood days of wearing a hat when I was six years old still lingers on till today, I felt good against the sun and love the hat because it was given by my mom. In the photo below, I am six years old wearing my favorite yellow hat and look at me smiling from cheek to cheek.

Welcome to my world of Millinery Fantasy where I love to share my collection of real things (like craft supplies and books) related to Hats, I post my findings in photos at Flickr photo sharing site, click on the photo below if you like to see more of the photos in the collection as I do updates regularly.  In my other blog pages I share about my hat making, its my passion in a country where wearing hats is not popular or seen as trendy.


Thank you for dropping by and leave me a comment if you love millinery so I can visit your blog and it would be so wonderful to know someone out there that share with a common interest too.