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Paua – Fascination, Passion, Obession in Craft Inspirations

Extract from Wikipedia “Paua or pāua is the Maori  name given to three species  of large edible seasnails, marine gastropod molluscs which belong to the family Haliotidae (there is only genus Haliotis ), known in the USA and Australia as abalone, and in the UK as ormer shells. ”

So, have you ever been so inspired by something from nature or a country that its beauty just dazzle and fuel your creativity?

Paua-inspired crafts photos : (Row from top left) Paua-printed cotton Tote Bag I made for myself, Paua long-beads bracelet and necklace I made for D’s mom Mother’s Day Gift. (Second row from left) Paua ‘star’ brooch pin and round Paua square beads necklace set  I created for sponsorship of some lucky draw prize for a Fair. (Center Photo) Fabric postcard of Paua shells. (Third row from left) Close-up of the tote bag, Paua square beads braclet I made for myself (Last row from left) Sponsorship Prize Packaged Paua brooch and necklace set, yours truly ‘modeling’ for my sponsorship necklace, Paua ‘star’ brooch pinned to collar of a jacket, Front view of the Paua necklace.

Origin of Fascination: New Zealand – the country I simply adore and finally visited in real life which turn out to be the best holiday in my life. When I was in New Zealand, all the tourist spots like Tourist Information Centers, Tourist souvenir shops are just filled with Paua goodies I wish I could afford to buy to my heart’s content. The colour of the shell is so amazing in any shape and form I could not ignore.

History of Fascination: Lucky for me I have been touched by the magic of a Paua Shell! I love sea shells way back when I was a kid, it was one of those rare family outings to the beach when I get to pick sea shells nevermind if they come broken in pieces finding them just thrill me like spotting treasures from the sea. Imagine what it is like in modern Singapore where the coastline have mostly been altered through reclaim land or sand fill, so little is left of the untouched beaches in Singapore you will feel guilty even if you pick a shell sea!

Once you are inspired there are just no end to the possibilities of creations, I hope this blog entry is a pleasure to your reading or maybe even inspire you in your craft creations to the single that you love.

Designing with Words

I just stumbled upon this website that you can create designs using words or text in a pop!

So you crafters out there who had like me had in the past was amazed at how people spent time and money achieve designs like these it is like a wish come through for us that are ‘starving and aspiring artist’.

Design option A

I have included here 3 designs I have created using the same words.

This amazing site is called “Wordle” created by a gentleman called Jonathan Feinberg.

This website cuts through all the time you need to pull your hair out thinking about the design or even spending time learning a design software.  Some are born wordsmiths but not designers.

However if you are using the work for commercial purposes please go to his website and read the FAQ section.

Use this to:

  • Design on your T-shirt (use iron-on transfer)
  • Design on a birthday card (print it on paper)
  • Design for a book jacket / cover
Design option B
Design option C