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Purse for Mommy – Saving Fabric Scraps

“Saving the best for last” … I made this purse especially for my mommy from fabric scraps saved.

The green piece of fabric scrap came from a ‘custom-order’ cushions cover I ordered from a home furnishing shop, yes…I asked for all scraps to be returned to me. This material is actually a soft furnishing fabric; the type that can be use for curtains or cushion covers, the inner lining which is batik material is leftover from my other sewing projects.

To achieve ‘form’ or shape to the purse I used fusible lining to the green fabric and darts at the bottom of the purse design.

I’ve attached a yellow ribbon to the bell as a finishing touch.

The size of the purse is about 14cm (Length) x 8.5cm (Height) x 6cm (Base). The purse handle is a ‘sew-in’ type.

There are many resources on the internet offering purse making supplies, pattern and instructions so take your time to vet through them for ideas. I work ‘backwards’ as I have my fabric scrap then my purse handle and I draw my pattern freehand.

As I am not very good with words I try best to provide photos for my work-in-progress. The few main pointers to remember or note is use fusible lining and add darts to your purse design, use iron to press the seams. A bit of practice and patience, do not start on your beloved piece of fabric if it is your first attempt at sewing a purse, try with very cheap fabric to be safe.

Tip: Never pin your fabric overnight then machine them in the next day or days after as it will leave tiny holes on the fabric.

2 pieces 'outer' fabric and 2 pieces for lining + 1 purse handle
Use fusible lining on the reverse or wrong side of the outer fabric, sew a dart each side at the bottom of the base
Trim off excess fabric from the corner of darts before you sew the bottom of the purse
See the darts give the purse a 'base'
Repeat the same sewing process for the inner or lining of the purse and insert the pieces together (right side of fabric facing each other)
Sew one side of the flap shut and leave a portion at the top of the other flap open for 'reversing' the fabric inside out
This is how the fabric look once it is turned inside out. Best to hand stitch the open gap.
Hand stitching the 'gap'
Press with iron (means press and lift the iron and press at another spot) the seams of each flap
Pressed flaps not only look neat but inserting into the purse handle easy
Insert the flaps into the handle and sew
Finished (Interior view)
Finished (Side view)

Coin Purse – Beading and Needle Felting

This coin purse is a combination of materials for decoration: beading, needle felting and hand stitching (for joining of the fabric).

Coin Purse

Recycled materials are beads from my costume jewellery collection (that has grown out of trend or too ‘loud’ for me to be seen wearing them now…I wondered what was I thinking then), the blue fabric used as inner lining is recycled from an old skirt.

Hope the idea of recycling from costume jewellery does inspire you for your next craft project; be it using your own stash to save money instead of buying new craft supplies, maybe even helping to make a contribution to flea markets or your local thrift store.