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Booth Display for Fair – DIY Display Shelf for Necklaces

I created this shelf for a fair that I will be participating in soon, which will be my first.

This shelf is to display my jewellery items like necklaces.  The idea hit me like a bolt of lighting since my budget for the booth display is on a shoe-string and I face a huge challenge in space constraint.

Dimension : Footprint of Shelf 33 cm x 27 cm, Height about 52cm

Space constrain : Booth’s table size 90 cm x 90 cm

Budget constraint : Shopping at budget store Daiso for Metal racks (per piece), hangers (per pack), plastic ties (per pack) cost about Singapore Dollars $2 (Two Dollars) each. The total spend was less than $30 at Daiso. I could not recall the cost of the roll of white satin ribbon as I bought it so long ago.

Space constraint : As this is my very first fair or show to exhibit my range of creations in costume jewelry I took the smallest and cheapest booth available, the booth comes with only one table sized 90cm x 90cm.  I needed a display that is easy to assemble,  a storage space to keep other items like jewellery boxes and it had to be lightweight so that it can be carried by hand.

There is plenty of information on the Internet about the ‘art’ of display booths for fairs and tons of marketing tips for small businesses so check them out to see what options best suit you.  Hope you find my ideas useful,  if you happen to be like me and just want  to try selling at a fair for one day and are facing extreme budget and space constraints.