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Souvenir from Singapore

Have you ever wondered into your local souvenir shop to try to get a meaningful for someone to remind of your country and at a lost of what to get? The main concern for the gift that it has to be lightweight, small and not too tacky….

This gift was created for a lady from United Kingdom that was here in Singapore and Bali for a short holiday.

I had wanted to give a gift that is beautiful, useful and most importantly makes a good keepsake. For the endless variety of commercial photo albums meant for tourist I could not find one that best represent Singapore and Bali so I decided to make a fabric cover with artificial Orchid. To complete the presentation, I got a gift box to go with the album.

I was so very happy to that she love the simple gift and met my original intention of a keepsake to hold her best holiday photos.

Maybe you like to consider making a personalized gift with fabric prints and embellishment with a local style.

Christmas Photo Album with Christmas Theme in Lincoln Green

For the year 2009, I think I can conclude that one of the most enjoyable gift I have made and probably the most meaningful gift as well is this Christmas Photo Album with Christmas Themed Fabric Cover mostly in my favourite green colour; and the green tone here is Lincoln Green.

If I could use the term ‘Everything I like’ it certainly applies to every material or item used. I love hard copy photos as I am sentimental so in the first page of the photo album I place one of our photos. My love for Photo Albums to hold photos is one special book that we can look at and relate to – be it people, animals, objects, place and time – sometimes the moment becomes special only when we move forward and looked back in time. So customizing a photo album cover has become one of my joy to create.

I made this gift for my partner’s parents. His dad favourite colour is green, both of them loves to garden and because Christmas is one festive that is really special for them as it is a celebration of being together so a gift most appropriate none other than a photo album to keep all Christmas photos together.

Material used for the cover are felt, a bunch of artificial flowers, ribbons and a ring.

Hope this gift idea appeal to you for next Christmas.

Fabric Book Jacket Cover using Australian-themed Fabric

I sew the fabric book cover jacket as gifts for my two sisters after my holiday trip to Sydney,  Australia.

Book Jackets

Concept Inspiration : The main focus of the fabric has to reflect the country of visit. The Qantas Flight uniform really inspired me to hunt for aboriginal-art designed fabric (which I could not find). In the end I settled for Australian-themed designed fabric. I bought a meter of this fabric at AUD$22 from a Quilt shop in Leura, Blue Mountains.

Design emphasis : Personalised the gift with names. In this instance I had used iron-on letters to form the name; concept inspired by army name-badge.

Hope you like the idea and it can really save you some money too as gift items at tourist attraction are expensive. The blank notebook cost SDG$3.50 each.

Fabric Book Jacket Cover for Nicole using Heat Transfer Method for Photo

I made this gift from my niece Nicole.


Design concept : Blue theme because Blue is her favorite colour. She currently has a sticker album that is actually a notebook and some of her collection of stickers (which is growing) are kept together with this book. I created the jacket cover bigger sized that the actual book so that she can keep the big stack of stickers.

Design emphasis : Photo of her with many hearts (which are iron-on motifs)

Material used : Fabric, ribbon, heat transfer iron-on for photo, iron-on motifs of hearts and letter “N”.

Fabric Book Jacket Cover – Blog Page Header Design using Iron-on Transfer Method

I sew this special gift for my Bestie Rahima featuring her blog “My Favorite Recipes“.

Fabric Book Cover Jacket for RahimaDesign Concept : The original idea of using graphic or photo transfer is adapted from a English version craft book using only fabric as the main media. I cannot remember the exact title or author’s name (quite sure it is a English lady’s name) but I think its about creating memory book using fabric, I had flipped through the book when I was in the Singapore Public Library and somehow the idea got ‘filed’ to the back of my mind for sometime.

Design Emphasis : To personalized the gift and make it very special for the my Bestie I thought about what is really her hobby and passion. She loves to cook, bake and equally passionate about blogging on her favorite recipes so the idea of using graphic from her blog would be most suitable.

Graphic Design Creation and Material : I use the most a simple method to ‘capture’ the graphic image of the blog header – use the ‘Print Screen’ button then open ‘Paint Software’ and paste the image. In the paint software choose the ‘select’ button to range the header then select ‘cut’. Close the file and open a new file, choose ‘paste’ and rename the file. The blogspot logo is downloaded, if you go to google search and type blogspot logo there is many file types to choose from. I use Word Software to import all these files to arrange before printing on the heat transfer paper. I use “Farrania” Iron on transfer.

Craft Supplies : I use cotton fabric (since the Iron on transfer instruction states so) with checks pattern and added lace to look like a dinning table cloth. The string is added for decoration.

Book Jacket Cover – Two Designs, Two Method

I am pleased to share with you two Book Jacket Covers using two different methods : ‘machine sew’ v ‘no-sew method’.

Depending on your style and material preference, the no-sew method is one idea you could try if you do not have a sewing machine. I created these two Book Jacket Covers during different period  before and after I owned a sewing machine.

Book Jacket Cover for G - Sewing Method

Book Jacket Cover for G.

This Book Jacket Cover uses machine sewing method to join the seams.

Material used : Felt fabric, fake fleece-like fabric, black satin ribbon, scrapbook round metal embellishment (to form “G” letter)

Book Jacket for My Sister Lucy.

This Book Jacket Cover uses iron-on strips to join the seams.

Material used : Felt fabric, iron-on motifs (flower and heart), lace, iron-on strip.

Book Jacket Cover for Lucy