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Baby gifts to make

I gives me great joy to share with you two gifts I made recently for meant for a baby girl. I think both gifts are really practical, functional and rather easy to make.

One of the gift is a Baby Nappy Changing Sheet and the other gift is a Fabric-cover-customised Photo Album.

For the Baby Nappy Chang Sheet Gift I had actually stumbled upon the suitable material to use and the idea came upon me when I was browsing books for Baby Gifts.  Sorry I do not know the actual term of the material but one side of the material used has to be coated-fabric, the feel should be ‘waterproof or rubber based’ yet comfortable to feel for a baby. I had used thick wadding as the lining layer and the other other material used here is felt fabric.

The other gift item I made was a customised fabric cover photo album. The colour theme is baby’s mom favourite colour.  I had personalised the cover with the initial of the baby’s name and year born. To make the cover of the album look outstanding just add ribbons and a heart to complete the entire look. Well, the gift is meant more as a keepstake for the mommy to store all baby photos.

There are many good books on gifts to make for babies but one consideration should be the ease of material supplies, skill level in using the sewing machine and most important is time…which I am always running short of.

Hope you enjoy reading this entry and find the ideas useful.