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“A little boost to my Artist aspiration” – My table Easel

Today I give myself a little boost to feed my artist fantasy – an easel. I had been looking at all forms and shapes of easel glad to have finally found one that fit my needs in terms of budget and practicality, surprisingly this one has no brand or its not branded, made-in-China. The price is about Singapore $65 and I got a little bonus in the form of a small discount as it was the display unit as well as the last unit in stock.

I like the compact and carry-on feature. It is made of wood so it is quite heavy to lug around, probably great for indoor but may be a challenge for the outdoor like if I am thinking to attempt a long match into the woods…so if that day comes I am sure to share my little adventure with you.

Photo of my work space and how I manageĀ  oil pastel crumb control.P1120419

Here is an idea to use disposable plastic table cloth to protect the table top and floor area as the oil pastel crumb does fall onto the wrong places and smear at the worst places too.

I believe in taking some time to enjoy moment to yourself to do something just for fun or get lost in the fleeting moment of fantasy to be who you dream you like to be…for me I dream to be an Artist. Thanks for reading and I wish your beautiful dreams come true too.