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I love making crafts and the passion has driven me to have a little start-up on-line shop selling Asian inspired Gifts and Crafts.

“A little boost to my Artist aspiration” – My table Easel

Today I give myself a little boost to feed my artist fantasy – an easel. I had been looking at all forms and shapes of easel glad to have finally found one that fit my needs in terms of budget and practicality, surprisingly this one has no brand or its not branded, made-in-China. The price is about Singapore $65 and I got a little bonus in the form of a small discount as it was the display unit as well as the last unit in stock.

I like the compact and carry-on feature. It is made of wood so it is quite heavy to lug around, probably great for indoor but may be a challenge for the outdoor like if I am thinking to attempt a long match into the woods…so if that day comes I am sure to share my little adventure with you.

Photo of my work space and how I manage  oil pastel crumb control.P1120419

Here is an idea to use disposable plastic table cloth to protect the table top and floor area as the oil pastel crumb does fall onto the wrong places and smear at the worst places too.

I believe in taking some time to enjoy moment to yourself to do something just for fun or get lost in the fleeting moment of fantasy to be who you dream you like to be…for me I dream to be an Artist. Thanks for reading and I wish your beautiful dreams come true too.


The Chief (Art Doll)

It gives me great joy to share my doll creation titled “The Chief”

This doll is exhibited at FFAA Prairies Show (Canada)

from 4 May to 28 Nov 2014

Show venue and details:
Enterprise Square Galleries
10230 – Jasper Ave. Edmonton
May 4 – August 31, 2014
Opening reception and prize presentation May 4, 7 PM
PageMaster Artstream Centre
11340 120 St. Edmonton
Sept 1 – Sept 30, 2014
Dow Centennial Centre Gallery
8700 – 84 ST, Fort Saskatchewan
October 2 – November 28, 2014
Oct 2, 7:00 PM


Visit Focus on Fibre Art Association at

Paint it like a Pro!

A picture is worth 1000 words…..

Since I love sewing and painting I started the idea of making small art quilts to fill my walls. They are easy to maintain (can be washed) and keep too.

I think the combination of colours and fabrics can really bring attention to the center piece. Each piece is just fun to make and I hope you get around to do something you like too.

“Starry Night in the Church” – Fabric paint : painting and sponge stamping.


“Some Days you are a Tree, some Days you are a Dog” – Fabric paints stamping with sponge (the tree)


“Spring time in a Farm” – Acrylic paints on fabric


“Misty Mountains” – Fabric paints (spray-on) to create the mist, free-motion quilting on sewing machine for the clouds.


Using Plastic Mesh Bag Frame to give your Bag “Structure”

Another alternative crafting technique to consider if you like to make your bag with some form of structure or shape. I use plastic mesh Bag frame to make this bag, the flap of the bag I use magnetic fastener. These plastic mesh can be found under the knitting section of a craft store or online stores (type “plastic mesh frame for bag”).


Sometimes I like a bag to have some form and be able to “stand” on its own, using fuseable or iron-on interface is one alternative but it does create bubbles or air pockets over time on the surface of the fabric. Using too heavy weight inserts is no-no for my home sewing machine.



Different Materials to Dress up your Bag!

Recently I have been experimenting with different materials to dress up my bag creations as the bag designs are fairly simple so a center piece of embellishment seem to do the trick. Of course considerable time and effort goes into shopping and even at times sourcing for them and takes makes it even more worth the while. I believe there has to be “fun” in work too.

The latest materials embellishment I have tried are : Feathers, Chinese Knotted Buttons, Sea Shells.

So the next time when some fancy material catches your eye just buy them first and keep them in your stash until the creative bug bites you.

I have posted here some of my latest creations for an idea of what you could do next….enjoy.