Fabric Gift Wrap – Experiment using Fabric to wrap

Hamper Wrap using Fabric

I created this hamper-wrap using fabric. The idea is inspired and adapted from “Furoshi” which is a Japanese form of fabric wrapping or carrying cloth using beautiful silk square fabric.

For this hamper wrap I had actually used my leftover fabric from some other projects. The general idea is to cover the basket with fabric as it contains three glass jars. The main idea is to tie knots to anchor or secure the base of the item to wrap (in this case it is the basket), additional fabrics are knot again to serve as handles,  some creative masters even make folds or pleats from the ‘excess’ fabric which serve as decoration. As this hamper is to be given for Christmas, I have added some Christmas frills to the mood.

If you like fabric and have excess of it, this is one great idea to use as fabric is extremely easy to use and even save money, I had use cotton fabric here.

However if you like to take it one level up you can even sew up two square fabrics of different colours as any knot or tie makes a visual treat when viewed from different angle.  Maybe if you are feeling very generous, purchasing a silk scarf as a wrap to your gift item is not wasted as the scarf is recycled or meant to be.

Have loads of fun experimenting with fabric wrap and Merry Christmas to you in advance 🙂

Food Jars Fabric Covers

I love cooking (besides crafting) and my fascination with food packaging like food jars decoration always attract or distract my attention. There are tons of beautiful images and great idea on the internet but I guess there is still a little room for a few more ideas.  Save the environment by using recycled food jars from jam or sauces.

Materials needed : Glass Container with lid, rubber band, ribbons, wire-tie and even optional items like spoons

Here are some of photos  to share that I have “dress-up” for giveaway.

Pickled Green Chilli with Lemon Grass Condiment

For this food jar packaging I have added some frills like wooden spoon and ribbon to the fabric cover. As the pickle contain vinegar I had to match it with non-metal spoon, these small wooden spoon look rather rustic and they are not expensive. I bought them at Lim’s Art and Craft (Singapore) for $1.60 each.

Acar or Pickled Salad Condiment

This food jar packaging is rather basic, fabric cover and wired-furry tie. The colours are co-ordinated to match the colour of my condiment.

Well hope this give you another general money-saving and home-made idea for gifts, it is not how much the value of the item matters but the thoughts and prettiness that counts.

One thought on “Fabric Gift Wrap – Experiment using Fabric to wrap”

  1. Hey Sista,
    all my best wishes for a happy and blessed Christmas to you and your family.

    Your Bro’ Wolfi from Austria 😀

    Great handicraft and lovely food packaging – very creative :).

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