Souvenir from Singapore

Have you ever wondered into your local souvenir shop to try to get a meaningful for someone to remind of your country and at a lost of what to get? The main concern for the gift that it has to be lightweight, small and not too tacky….

This gift was created for a lady from United Kingdom that was here in Singapore and Bali for a short holiday.

I had wanted to give a gift that is beautiful, useful and most importantly makes a good keepsake. For the endless variety of commercial photo albums meant for tourist I could not find one that best represent Singapore and Bali so I decided to make a fabric cover with artificial Orchid. To complete the presentation, I got a gift box to go with the album.

I was so very happy to that she love the simple gift and met my original intention of a keepsake to hold her best holiday photos.

Maybe you like to consider making a personalized gift with fabric prints and embellishment with a local style.