Bag for Darren (Corduroy Material)

I designed and sew this bag for Darren.


Material used : Cordurory fabric, felt fabric, straps, hard iron-on interface, soft iron on interface, plastic zipper, plastic bag clips.

Challenge in handling cordurory fabric : Since the fabric will stretch (because it is slightly elastic) and the edges fray badly I use iron-on interface to “control” the fabric so that it does not ‘warp’ during stitching and more so the edges do not fray easily. Using iron-on interface advantage is that I can skip one step of sewing a cloth lining for the bag.

As the bag must be able to withstand a certain amount of weight and pull (from the shoulder strap) using hard iron-on interface to the fabric makes it sturdy to be sewn on as well as ‘sit’ properly when it is strap onto the shoulder.

Design emphasis and inspiration : Different shade of browns. I had wanted a bag that can hold two bottles of drinks – one for hot flask and one for bottled water so there are two pockets sewn to the side of the bag. The pockets at the front is both functional and asethic as it shows the different brown tones when the bag flap is closed.

The difference in the iron-on interface : hard interface v soft interface. The hard interface is thick but it does not ‘drape’ so it is used for the sides of the bag. The soft interface is used for the bag flap and front pockets, the one I used here called ‘iron-on adhesive for lightweight fabric‘ is from Spotlight, available near the quilting corner. It is very expensive – one roll cost close to SDG$56 (the hard iron-on interface only cost SDG$3 per meter). The advantage of using this soft interface is because it can be easily folded or pleated.

Other pointers to note : I sew this bag sized specific to the person intended so I did not include shoulder-strap adjuster and estimate the length of the strap by asking Darren to stand up so that I can gauge the height the bag will ‘sit’ around the hips height.