My Millinery Fantasy

“Fantasy” : imagination, fancy….

“Hats are so great for ladies it makes a lady pretty and dainty no matter at what age or which century !”

My fantasy is all things millinery, a great escape for my mind and such wonderful effect to my soul just thinking and crafting anything related to it. My happy childhood days of wearing a hat when I was six years old still lingers on till today, I felt good against the sun and love the hat because it was given by my mom. In the photo below, I am six years old wearing my favorite yellow hat and look at me smiling from cheek to cheek.

Welcome to my world of Millinery Fantasy where I love to share my collection of real things (like craft supplies and books) related to Hats, I post my findings in photos at Flickr photo sharing site, click on the photo below if you like to see more of the photos in the collection as I do updates regularly.  In my other blog pages I share about my hat making, its my passion in a country where wearing hats is not popular or seen as trendy.


Thank you for dropping by and leave me a comment if you love millinery so I can visit your blog and it would be so wonderful to know someone out there that share with a common interest too.

Scrapbook Projects, Island Trip and Birthday Theme

This was my second try at scrapbook but my first in creating a completed album. I had used mixed media of felt fabric, iron-on, ribbons, pattern paper, sticker and puffy pen / ink.


Two highlights of the Island trip were the nature trail and wetland marine reserve.

The nature trail was so memorable I dedicated a page of the album with the map. We took about an hour on foot to cover this particular trail, the journey was filled with many things to see (like butterfiles, plants, trees) unforunately I did not see any ladybugs but since I love them so much I included ladybugs in my design since it fit the ‘nature theme’.

The wetland marine reserve is very popular as many forms of wetland marine life can be seen during low tide. We did not manage to see the marine reserve as it was high tide by the time we reached the spot. Neverthanless the area was beautiful especially the walk-way bridges and scenery of the sky.

The trip was an physicall experience as the weather was so sunny, hot and humid.

Two items were created – an ablum and a loose sheet in relation our island trip in conjunction with celebration of my partner’s birthday. The ablum was for our keepstake and the loose sheet was for his parents which we mailed overseas to them.

Triva on the Island mentioned – Pulau Ubin, Singapore

[Text excerpt from Wikipedia] “Pulau Ubin is a small island (10.19 km²) situated in the north east of Singapore. Granite quarrying supported a few thousand settlers on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, but only about a hundred villagers live there today. It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore. It is one of the last areas in Singapore that has been preserved from urban development, concrete buildings and tarmacd roads.

Pulau Ubin’s wooden house villages and wooden jetties, relaxed inhabitants, rich and preserved wildlife, abandoned quarries and plantations, and untouched nature in general make it the last witness of the old “kampong” Singapore that existed before modern industrial times and large scale urban development.”

Websites (owned by National University of Singapore) dedicated to the wetland marine reserve known as Chek Jawa: “Chek Jawa” photo website; “Chek Jawa” website.

Snapshots of ‘nature’ taken during our trip of the Island.

Scrapbook Project, Memory Box, Family Time

This scrapbook project focus on ‘Family Time’ theme using ‘Ladybugs’ as a metaphor to my partner’s family.

It is created as a gift for his parents.

Family TimeThe family of Lady bugs includes mother, father, daughters and son. They are facing the “W” initial which is the first letter of my partner’s family name. Surrounding the “W” is a circle of various plants or herbs.

The box is very small, intended as a table-top display item.

Material used : Memory box photo album from Kaiser, ladybugs and bubble sticker all available from Spotlight Singapore, the “W” letter is from Diaso, 3-D herb stickers from Midori-Japan Brand from Kinokuniya Bookstore, all items from Singapore.

Vintage Sewing Pattern Template Kit circa 1980

Name of product : Ultra Fit Patterner Bodice. The year printed on the box is 1980. The instruction booklet inside cover featured a photo of Ann Ladbury; maybe she is the author but the manufacturer company is ‘Ultra Fit’.

Vintage Dress Making Pattern "Ultra Fit Patterner"
Vintage Dress Making Pattern "Ultra Fit Patterner"

This product must be ahead of its time in the year 1980. It is a walk down memory lane after 29 years of storage, I think the entire contents of the box is still intact. I have not looked carefully yet because  moldy smell of the box is too much to bear and I had to it ‘air’ under the hot afternoon sun last weekend.

Content detail : The templates are made of plastic with adjustable ‘knobs’, there are additional accessory pieces like sleeves, button flap, collar. It comes with a instruction booklet on how to use the product.

Origin of Product Purchased : I was about 13 year old when I bought this in secondary school , my only recollection was my home economics teacher telling the class she did not make any profit except helping pass the word on behalf for the supplier to promote the product as ‘we may find it useful one day’. So after maybe after 29 years, her ‘prophecy’ may just come true soon. I could not recall how much it cost then.

Memory Lane 1980 : We were taught how to use paper patterns for school coursework so this product was way too complicate for me, since it was not part of school coursework I stored it away.

My early days sewing experience was far from pleasant, I was constantly struggling to learn how to use my school’s paddle-type sewing machine that was never in ‘good condition’ after being use by so many students. My mom’s sewing machine was not great either so there was no headway in sewing since I was very much to myself in my own ‘dreamy’ world and did not interact much with classmates or teachers.

Recommendations:  If you have come across this product or even used it before please let me have your review. I am so curious to find out more.

If you like to find out more about vintage patterns archives maybe you like to visit the ‘Vintage Pattern Lending Library’.

Sewing You may also like to have an idea what a paper pattern is or check out this online store for latest sewing paper patterns from most brands.

My Second Hat – Felt Fabric and Wool Fabric recycled from Old Scarf

My second Hat completed, this hat is meant for cold climate.

Second Hat Completed

The fabric used is felt for the base, top is ‘wool’ fabric from my old scarf, inner lining with cotton batting material. I decided to recycle my old scarf as it was not warm enough for cold climate, tested when I was in New Zealand for holiday last November. I bought the scarf from a shop I passed by at one local neighbourhood, the shop was selling clothes and merchandise from ‘overseas’, the lady (from China I assumed) had told me it is wool and I took her word for it as there is no label but was not surprised that it turned out likewise as it only cost SDG $16 for a scarf. Actually in Singapore’s climate which is always sunny, hot and humid, I cannot tell the difference between ‘fake’ wool from the real by looks but price is one indication.

The basic pattern is from a Japanese Book about Hat making ISBN 978-4-579-11201-2, The author is Yumiko Itoyama. The author of the book has a website if you are interested.

Coin Purse – Beading and Needle Felting

This coin purse is a combination of materials for decoration: beading, needle felting and hand stitching (for joining of the fabric).

Coin Purse

Recycled materials are beads from my costume jewellery collection (that has grown out of trend or too ‘loud’ for me to be seen wearing them now…I wondered what was I thinking then), the blue fabric used as inner lining is recycled from an old skirt.

Hope the idea of recycling from costume jewellery does inspire you for your next craft project; be it using your own stash to save money instead of buying new craft supplies, maybe even helping to make a contribution to flea markets or your local thrift store.