Singer Sewing Machine 2530C

My sewing machine…second-hand, alreadly three years old, bought at final offer price of SDG $160.

Singer Sewing Machine 2530C, second-hand 3 years old
Singer Sewing Machine 2530C, second-hand 3 years old

The search is finally over, my original budget was $200 for a second-hand machine, $280 for a new machine. My reserve budget for servicing a second-hand machine is about $80, hopefully parts replacement if any is at the minimal else I have to throw out the machine as it may not be worth the investment – calculated risks worth taking. Although this was not my first second-hand machine of choice but hopefully things turn out better for us – the machine and new owner (that’s me).

I am so excited I must sew something this weekend; that is hopefully if the machine do not fail me the first time.

Sewing Machine – My next craft investment

I have finally come to the conclusion to get a sewing machine, this is the easy part.

Thoughts that has been going through my mind for the past few days…and nights…should I buy a brand new one or a second-hand. I have been browsing the classifieds advertisement and just spotted one that is the brand that I am looking for and within my budget;  additional amount for servicing if it is far less than my expectation in terms of the condition, worst to happen is a total write off when the servicing and parts replacement exceeds more than half the purchase price but that is the risk to take. (I bought my small oven for $50 second-hand, it serves my basic baking needs fine)

When I see something I want to craft using fabric, my first thought would be what if I had a sewing machine…the machine would do a faster job as compared to my hand stitching. When I see beautiful fabrics, my mind is filled with visions of crafts ideas. I am so greedy – so little time yet so many things I hope to create.

I hope to settle the purchase of the sewing machine before this weekend as I plan to sew a small bag for myself. This is exciting.

Door Hanger (Felt Fabric)

I am pleased with the completed creation and overall layout experimenting with Scrapbook style. The challenge was stitching the two pieces of thick felt fabric together which I decided to use

Door Hanger - Back view
Door Hanger - Back view

Blanket Stitch. I hope the person receiving the gift will enjoy looking at it as much as my joy in creating it.

Door Hanger - Front view
Door Hanger - Front viewDoor Hanger - Back view